The firm practices in the following areas, although the firm’s expertise and experience also penetrate many, many other areas, as well. We emphasize experience, expertise, creativity, and, most importantly, judgment and wisdom, when contemplating complex business and legal problems and considering, creating, pursuing and implementing solutions to them.


We provide strategic and tactical advice that is insightful and practical, based upon a deep knowledge of, and familiarity and facility with, corporate law, the particular needs of our clients and their businesses, and our very extensive experience with varied clients and a wide range of situations.We handle many complex corporate transactions, in a practical, cost-effective manner. We help our clients execute established transaction forms swiftly and effectively. But we also relish our frequent opportunities to perform on the cutting edge, to fashion innovative approaches to challenging and novel issues, as well as structuring and executing complex arrangements, whether designed by ourselves or others. We regularly form corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities, in New York, Delaware, and other jurisdictions, although usually as part of an overall transaction. We have successfully represented many clients in connection with business “divorces” or separations, in which one or more equity participants seek to “freeze out” other equity participants. Jack M. Platt has taught courses in the drafting of business contracts and agreements at Hofstra Law School since 2007.

Mergers and Acquisitions/Joint Ventures

We represent buyers and sellers from the United States and also other countries in acquisitions in the US and also other countries. We have extensive experience and expertise in many different forms of acquisition transactions. We often organize legal teams to perform due diligence investigations, to review and arrange creative and efficient tax structures, review anticipated consequences of structures and transactions on companies, employees, assets, intellectual property, and related matters.
  • • Acquisitions and sales of private companies
  • • Acquisitions and dispositions of divisions and business units; asset purchases and dispositions
  • • Purchases and sales of minority and controlling stock positions
  • • Joint ventures
  • • Contests for control

Intellectual Property

We prosecute and register intellectual property assets of many kinds, helping clients apply for and obtain trademark registrations and copyright registrations. We regularly negotiate, draft and review licensing agreements and joint ventures. We represent authors in connection with book publishing contracts. We provide due diligence assistance regarding the intellectual property aspects of transactional matters. We also protect and litigate our clients’ intellectual property rights, and defend our clients from claims of others in connection with alleged infringement of intellectual property rights.Neal R. Platt, Esq., Of Counsel to the Firm, has taught trademark, franchising and intellectual property courses at Hofstra Law School for more than 25 years.

Real Estate

We represent clients regularly in connection with the purchase, sale and lease of real estate of all kinds, from single family homes, co-ops and condominiums, to office spaces to commercial properties, and with all manner of related financing and real estate related litigation, and have been identified by certain large promoters of complicated “condop” offerings as particularly able counsel, to brokers as well as to buyers and sellers.We represent real estate brokers in connection with various arrangements with real estate companies. Jack M. Platt currently serves as a court-appointed receiver for certain properties in Nassau County, and is regularly appointed as a referee in real estate foreclosure matters. Myra Platt, Esq., Of Counsel to the Firm, has extensive experience in negotiating, drafting and closing real estate matters in a wide range of sizes and complexity.


We represent clients in very varied commercial, business and real estate-related litigations, in State and Federal courts.

Employment Agreements

We regularly represent clients in connection with the preparation, review and negotiation of employment and consulting agreements in many industries. We also advise clients in connection with the termination and expiration of such agreements, and the application of confidentiality, non-competition, and other characteristics of such agreements.

Various Complex Arrangements

We are frequently called upon by law firms and other lawyers for advice on structuring transactions, documenting arrangements, and negotiating and drafting corporate and other arrangements and agreements. Jack Platt has taught business drafting to 2nd and 3rd year law students at Hofstra Law School for the past 4 years, has lectured on business drafting issues to continuing legal education classes of lawyers at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, and periodically lectures 2nd and 3rd year law students at Fordham Law School regarding the understanding, drafting and negotiation of acquisition and merger agreements.